Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A crucial homestand

I made the phone call to the Hawks and hoped for the best. We started off with the basic premise of Stuckey and Zaza but I wanted a home run. I offered up Stuckey along with Prince and Villanueva in exchange for Pachulia, Devin Harris and Kyle Korver. Talent wise it was a win for ATL and I saw three expiring contracts in a few role players that could at least give us some decent minutes. Unfortunately the Hawks wanted no part of Tayshuan (surprise) and we ended up not making the deal. I guess we're just going to have to wait to see if someone wants Prince and try and build the deal around that.

Game #13 DETROIT 98, Minnesota 122

Well despite not making a deal we had some basketball to play. The T-Wolves came into town 5-6 and had us hoping for a victory but game #13 proved to be quite unlucky as they rolled in and spanked us.

Monroe is still rolling going for 21 and 8 and Stuckey had a nice line with 19 and 9 assists but did so on 8/22 shooting. Prince only had 9 and Knight was scoreless and he's really starting to concern me. It seems that ever since Stuckey started playing the backup PG role he's come on while BK for some reason has stunk. Maybe its the extra time being paired with English and Jerebko on the floor? Those two combined for 23 bench points.

The T-Wolves shot a ridiculous 15/27 from downtown including 7 threes from Chase Budinger off the bench. Love had 30 and 14, Rubio double doubled and Kirilenko dropped 22 on us with a full stat line. Just an all around ugly performance we have to shake off before Melo comes to town in a couple days.

Player of the Game
Kevin Love
30 points
14 rebounds
1 block
1 steal

These guys are good now?
Game #14 DETROIT 84, New York 109

Prior to the game I got another email from Sacramento telling me they would still be happy to unload Jason Thompson on us. If they would take Prince and CV with Stuckey I would think about it but there's just no reason to take on that kind of long term deal.

So the Knicks rolled into town at 12-2 tied with Miami for the best record in the East. We knew we would have our hands full with Melo. Prince can't guard anybody anymore and Melo just destroyed him. 19/28 and 43 points later we found ourselves at the wrong end of another ass whooping. We've given up a total of 353 points in the last 3 games now. Defense be damned. Amare dropped 25 on us and Tyson Chandler hit us up for 19.

We're just a disaster offensively. I think I used the term dumpster fire earlier in the blog...that's being kind at this point. Knight woke up with 17 points but Monroe was held to 14 and Jerebko and English were the only two others in double figures.

The wheels are falling off fast now and its only giving me incentive to really order a big shakeup. How much more of this will I be able to stand?

Player of the Game
Carmelo Anthony
43 points
12 rebounds
2 blocks

A Trade!
This week Chris Wilcox of the Celtics decided he wasn't playing enough and let that be known to the media. When questioned about it Doc Rivers replied that he should be more professional and basically just shut up and play. One day later he was gone - and not only traded but traded to the Bobcats for a future 2nd round draft pick. The moral of the story? Don't complain about PT - you could end up on the Bobcats!

The Bucks stop here
Game #15 DETROIT 109, Milwaukee 94

I decided to perform a little experiment this game - basically what would happen without Tayshaun Prince in the lineup. The game started off well enough with a 35 point opening quarter that saw buckets by the usual crew but also a bucket each for Slava Kravtsov and Austin Daye. Desperate times and all...

The second quarter was slowed down by early foul trouble. Knight picked up a quick third and only managed four minutes in the first half. Monroe also picked up his third so that meant alot of Rodney Stuckey at point and some extra run for Kyle Singler who had a decent half with two points but more importantly five assists, three boards, a steal and a block. 61-44 at the half in favor of us.

Kim English stole the show in the third coming in to score 11 off the bench in the quarter. That along with a couple buckets from Jerebko, Singler and Stuckey (on a ton of shots) allowed us to take a 84-68 lead into the final quarter. Would the fourth be our undoing like usual? It would not be. Greg Monroe came alive with 14 of his 25 in the quarter and Jonas added another 8 to open the game up. The reserves got some extra run in the final two minutes up by twenty although Scott Skiles continued to leave his starters on the floor. Guess he must have had Monta Ellis in his fantasy lineup that week as Ellis was commissioned to shoot at will and ended up with a game high 36 points.

We certainly didn't miss Prince's lack of offense on the night and the defense seemed a little better. Rodney Stuckey was incredibly inefficient though. Not only the 3/9 shooting but five turnovers and numerous times Jennings and Ellis blew right by him with the ball. Drummond played his best game in a while with 7 rebounds and 4 blocks. English played 32 minutes off the bench and Jerebko 36 and they combined for 37 points including some key offense in the second half. Even Austin Daye played alright scoring 6 points in 10 minutes. The takeaway from the game was that it was time to work the phones and find a deal. CV31 might accept being on the inactive roster but that's not going to fly with Tayshaun and Stuckey.

Player of the Game
Greg Monroe
25 points
11 rebounds
1 steal

After The Game...
Turns out word of the Atlanta and Sacramento trade talks got out and I got questioned by the local media on shopping Rodney Stuckey. Perhaps it was the dynamite offensive performance of Kim English in the 3rd quarter or maybe the layup line drill going through my head of Stuckey defensive possessions but I completely abandoned my usual GM-speak and confirmed the rumor. Stuckey was questioned as well and said he was fine with it and that its a business so I guess everything is ok - well at least until I take away his minutes coming up.

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