Friday, November 2, 2012

Tinkering with the rotation

Going to move a little bit faster through some parts of the season. Prior to this set of games I decided a change was necessary in the lineups. I removed Will Bynum's minutes completely and split them up between English and Maggette, turned Prince into a starter in name only and decided that English and Jerebko would be closers while Stuckey and Prince watched from the pine. How did it work out?

Darko returns to The Palace
 Game #6 DETROIT 103, Boston 90

A 13 point win at home to move to 5-1 on the year over a tough Celtics team. BK did a great job shutting down Rondo, English/Jerebko combined for 27 off the bench and Monroe goes for 28 and 19 with 2 blocks. Drummond stinks it up with 2 points and 4 rebounds and a game full of trash talk from KG - clearly he got in his head but the kid will be fine and we'll gladly take the W.
Player of the Game : Greg Monroe

Missing the days of C-Webb
Game #7 Detroit 116, SACRAMENTO 98

We're starting a grueling road trip out West here but its off to a good start. The Kings aren't that great of a team and we take an easy one thanks to a 40 point 3rd quarter. Drummond remains in funk with only 3 rebounds but he did manage 4 blocks. He needs to realize he's not going to score if he doesn't rebound because he's not much of an offensive option on his own. Knight and Stuckey combine for 45, Monroe goes for 34 and 10 and Prince scores only 2 to Jerebko's 13 as that time share is in full effect now. Key stat in this one -we shot 10/20 from downtown to Sacramento's 3/16.
Player of the Game : Greg Monroe

First the World Series, now this
Game #8 Detroit 94, GOLDEN STATE 115

I had hoped we could snag a win here because it was the first of back to back games on this roadie with the Lakers on tap tomorrow but it was not to be. Monroe gave us 25 and 9 but 5 turnovers, English and Jerebko combined for 24 off the bench and Stuckey had 14. I'm starting to wonder how much longer we can justify giving Prince 24 or so minutes for only 6 points. Drummond fouls out in 26 minutes and BK shoots a rough 3/11. Lee goes for 24 with 17 boards and 4 steals, Steph Curry 21 and Bogut 20.
                                                 Player of the Game : David Lee

Kobes and Nashes and Howards, Oh My!

Game #9 Detroit 89, LOS ANGELES (L) 101

I kind of knew coming off a game the night before that this was going to be ugly and it was. Drummond fouls out in 23 minutes against D12, Howard and Gasol hold Monroe to 19 and only 5 boards while combining for 36 points and 23 rebounds of their own and Kobe lights us up for 29. Stuckey and English never had a chance.
Player of the Game : Kobe Bryant

Did someone say Nash?
Game #10 Detroit 101, PHOENIX 90

We finish off the road trip at the 3-7 Suns and come out with a W. To go 2-2 on this West Coast swing is alright. We go as The Moose goes and Monroe torched the Suns for 34 and 10 with 4 steals. A nice effort by Maxiell off the bench for a double-double. However it looks like the season is catching up with the other kids. Drummond plays only 14 minutes because of foul trouble, BK with 6, Jerebko with 5, English with 6, and Maggette sprains his wrist. Dudley leads PHX with 23.
Player of the Game : Greg Monroe

Team Recap
Rodney Stuckey's increased production as of late has gotten us a couple phone calls. The Kings call and offer Jason Thompson and Aaron Brooks for Stuckey and a 2nd. I like both players and with Drummond's struggles I could definitely get behind a Thompson/Monroe front court but JT has four more years to go on his deal after this one so that's a no go. Atlanta wants to do a deal with Zaza Pachulia for Stuckey - part of me says that's not enough for Stuckey but he is in a contract year and would at least be serviceable. I tell them I will get back with them.

Standings wise we lead the Bulls by a game and a half and trail both the Heat and Knicks for best record in the conference. Out West the Lakers are 8-1 with the Clippers and Thunder right behind them.

Maggette sprained his wrist against the Suns - he says he is ok to play but he's just a role player when he's 100% so we're going to hold Singler up from his D-league assignment and let him play until Maggette is healthy. I'm also wondering if Drummond should go to the bench. Teams have realized they can attack him and while he's going to block some shots he's also picking up a ton of fouls. It sort of makes the Hawks offer a bit more interesting because we can keep Monroe at PF and let Zaza and Drummond split up the C minutes. I think we'll see where we stand after the next two - we host Cleveland and go to Boston in a back to back set. Hopefully we can at least get a split there.

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